Stanford Pines

The smarter half of the Brothers


Stanford Filbrick “Ford” Pines also known as The Author, is a paranormal investigator and lesion for Hunters. He came to Pinebox, TX to attend ETU and stayed to study the huge concentration of supernatural activity in and around the town and campus. After spending years cataloging his research in journals, he disappeared for years. His writings were left as the only evidence of his existence.

After Ford’s rescue by his brother Stan, he has continued his guardianship of Pinebox and ETU. Ford loves to record the stories of the hunters and takes this duty very seriously. He will not be interrupted during a biography session with a hunter.

Ford bears a close resemblance to Stan Pines, however, there are a few notable differences: Ford’s hair, unlike Stan, is dark gray with a horizontal silver streak along the sides of it, and he possesses unusually long sideburns. His chin has a cleft and slight five o’clock shadow. He has polydactyly, with six fingers on each hand. Ford is normally seen wearing a tan coat, a red turtleneck with a black belt that slings across his chest, black pants, and large brown boots coated in dirt. He has a gold dot on either side of his glasses and a crack on the left lens.

He is intellectual and is considered an introverted and nerdy person, enjoying games which involve high levels of thinking, such as Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. He would even go as far as to ignore the dangers of his research just to play such games. Despite his intelligence, he is very simple-minded when it comes to his own dimension since he hasn’t stepped foot in it for thirty years. He doesn’t have a clue about the modern technology as he believes floppy disks are still in use.

Despite being very intelligent, Ford has shown himself to be very narcissistic and self-absorbed. This is shown by his reluctance to part with his life’s work and sharing his scientific accomplishments with loved ones, instead relishing the image of being a solitary hero.

Ford is seen as a serious person when it comes to his work in researching the paranormal. However, he genuinely enjoys his research, even in the face of danger. His years of researching the paranormal have made Ford a strong, brave individual who will face danger head on in order to ensure that the world is safe. However, after all of his years of researching the paranormal, Ford’s excitement for confirming things has dulled.

Stanford Pines

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